No One can Make You Sad (or Happy) Until You give 'em Chance

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Lately, I got a lot of thought about my life. There are so many new things, or old new ones. I also think about some of my activity, that seems need to be evaluated. My passion. My opportunity and the risk I'll get. 

I'm a kind of person that believe if chances is not something that we should wait. Chances should be made. This make me join many groups in different fields. I have some writing groups, business groups, education groups, and many more. Each of them give me advantages in their special way. I also got chances to contribute, innovate, and join events. 

I'm happy with my colorful life. This make some people ask me how come I got spirit and enjoy life. Do I got nothing to do so I can feel (and look) so happy almost every time? This make me think twice. 

I am a wife and a mother with two kids. I live near my mother and two nieces. I help the chief in my village. I share my book collection for people by opening a public library. I active as green activist in my village. 

I teach at school and work from 8 to 4, 5 days a week. I have online novels in some platforms and also do ghost writing for webs and blogs. I almost have no time just to nonsense like I used to do before. He he he. 

As long as I can remember, having no time to do nonsense talk is so healthy for ears and my self. Wkwkwk. For your comparation, I ever do this too much, as that time I have a lot of time. I heard  gossips about people around me, all of their activity, and the most is their choice about their dept. I ever thought that this make me happy and healthy, but what happen was I got a lot of trouble about the interaction between the people we talk about and the peoples I talk to. It wasn't a healthy life. So I leave the activity. I saved by the jobs I got and the choice I took, then. 

The most important is, I think no one can make us sad or happy until we give them chance. When I give people chance to share their (any) talk about any problem they have, the also have chance to make me sad with their problem and (sometimes) attack me by make me fight with another. So when we choose to give them chance different way, that what we'll get. 

So now, I choose the way I look about other people's problem. I have ears to listen, but I ask them to stop when the problem becomes too complicated and have tendency to take me into new problems. I make limit. As far as I could, I only give positive side and responses to help them join me that way. I hope that the positive frequency I choose will make other people also feel positive around me. 

How about you?

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