As long as I stay in Malang, I'm honest that I've never know this village. So, it's interesting to get a chance to visit this place.

My Favorite House; Old Style with beautiful painting on the gate

Claket is an area near Public Hospital Saiful Anwar, Malang. So actually, it's easily found. We can get this place by public transportation: ADL, AL, AG, and GA. Ask the driver to stop as near as J.A.Suprapto Street I. It's a narrow road, so buses must park in the main street.
From the main street, we can walk about 5 minutes to find this Batik wall painting.
The people are so friendly. If we feel get lost, ask direction to them. They'll love to help. I got a free guide from a man to find my friends :p
Before we do the selfie, we can visit the batik workshop. In this place, we can learn how to make batik. We can practice our skill in making line on the surface of fabric, coloring, and we can take our product home. So we can show that we can make batik.
If get interested to have a beautiful Malang Style Batik, we can visit the store. Malang style is identic by the picture of lion and flower. There are so many choice of ornament, style, and colour. There are shirt and dress that ready to wear, too. The price are vary, so we can buy the one that fit to our budget.
Isn't it beautiful. Can you find the lion around?

I got a beautiful bonus in this workshop. Yess, cats. There are so many cute kittens and cats there. I'd love to take home one.
Finish the lesson, let's hunt the photo spots. I found this beautiful triangle garden that surround by beautiful wall painting. There also nice public phone box that painted with batik ornament. I'll show you the picture next time.

My big question about this place is: how to make people change their mind from dislike wall painting into like wall painting. I met the artist of this masterpiece. His name is Junaedi a.k.a Gocel. He said that untill this day, some of the people who live there still disagree with this program. But they'll move on and keep going.
For our note, they got no sponsore to make a change. So they do it with their own money. It's cool.
Tha's all for this debut writing. I hope you can enjoy my note. I hope someday I can guide you to visit this beautiful Celaket Kampung Ornament.
See ya.

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