Tanah Lot, Bali

Today I visit Bali, the beautiful island in Indonesia.
Our first destination is Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot located in south Bali, the area called Tabanan. If you start your trip from Java Island, use ferry boat to cross the sea. You'll arrived to Gilimanuk. From Gilimanuk, take the south street that will take you to Tabanan area.
 It's a beach that has nice island with 'pura' on it. But in this area, we also can find some other 'pura'. 'Pura' is praying place for Hindu's people.
The parking area is so wide. If we feels thirsty or hungry, there are a lot of drink and food shop around.
Souvenirs and clothes, yesss. There are a lot of models, size, and colour of clothes.
If we need souvenirs, find it in souvenirs shop. The special products from Bali are wood statue and stuff, flowery accesories, jewelry, flip flop, shoes, and so many other choice. Don't forget to buy drawings. Bali artists have their own style that make it so special. We can choose the realistic or abstract ones.
Now, we're on our way to Water Flow Beach. Wait for my story.

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