Meet Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture

I got another nice chance to meet Mr Muhadjir Effendy, the Ministry of Education and Culture. I met him in PPPPTK BOE, Malang, East Java, Indonesia.
I like to listen to his speech. I got three chances before and I always got something new in every time.
Today, I noted his advice about literacy.
Literacy not always sit, quite, and read a book. Literacy could be look around and catch the moment happen and understand it. It can be our effort to read a paragraph, and retell it in our own style. Literacy could do in many ways.
This one is so enlight for me. So if I teach my students about making ice cream in a simple way, it's literacy. When my kids found a paper, and they make something to give another utility of the paper, it's literacy. So I feel I'm in the right way 😄.
And my last note is that my country's teachers should teach 5C. Those are Critical, Communication, Creative, Collaborative, and Confidence.
I agree

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