I love my backpack. It's blue, has lots of pocket where I can hide pens, erasers, coins, notebooks, even raincoat and sport shoes.
Please don't be surprised. I live in a city where I have to walk that much. It really help my feet to (always) bring sport shoes. During the rainy days, it prevent me from cold when I always ready with my raincoat.
Choose a backpack is reasonable. I'm a woman, but as a teacher I bring my laptop almost everyday. Use a feminin bag will make my shoulder suffer. It's not practice, too.
I thank's God that this is not only me. I meet a lot of woman teachers who always come to school with their backpack.
I thank's God too for the bag's designer. Nowadays backpack are so cute and usable.
But my love one is the backpack that I got from a newspaper after they publish my twitter photo. It's historical, and ...
It's blue. 😄

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