You may say I'm a dramer
But I'm not the only one

Many people says that I'm a dreamer, I have a too high dreams, or many things like that.
Well, sometimes I fall to hear that, of course. Sometimes it make me feel unsure about what I do. It remind me to look around and stop before it's too late.

But, I think dreams are gift from God. Even dream that come when we sleep, or dreams we arrange. I had dream to publish books. I make dream to go somewhere by plane. I dream to visit Bali. I dream to buy English story books, especially the ones written by Enid Blyton, etc.
So I learn to 'not listen to' those negative sentences. I'm dreamer, but I'll fight to make it true.
I'm not a language or literature student. So if I want to write, I must learn about it. I realize that there are so many things to learn. But, the real fight is to 'not give up a.k.a keep fight!
This year, I sign for writing competition. I didn't win. But chosen as a finalist, they give me free flight tickets, hotels, and meals. I got many new knowledge about writing.
Thanks, God. You remind me to never give up with my dreams. So, when the old dreams come true, let me propose my new ones.

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