Coban Putri, Waterfall and Sky Photospots

In my town, Batu, East Java, Indonesia, there are some beautiful waterfall. One of them is Coban Putri (Princess Waterfall).
This waterfall located in Jeding Village, in the south part of the city.
To come to this place, just follow the sign that will take you to Predator Park. Coban Putri is at about 3 km from the park.
Coban Putri location is hidden behind a hill, so it's situation almost cool along the day. But it recommended to come in the morning, just to capture a rainbow in front of the waterfall. (I loose this chance because when I came there, we saw the rainbow. But we were too busy to capture it).
The waterfall is not that high, but still, it's beautifull.
In front of the waterfall, there is a bamboo bridge that can be a nice photospot.
This picture taken by my student, from the west side of the waterfall.
There also lot's of places to hang out and play like these ones.
For the entry price, it's so nice.

Come to a natural place like this can make me feel so calm, peace, and realize that as a human, I'm so small.
God bless us with this nature and this normal body. Use it as wise as we can.
Brotherhood in harmony

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