Malang Night Paradise

Malang Night Paradise (MNP) located in north side of Malang City, East Java, Indonesia. If you come to this place from Surabaya, Pandaan, or other city, just look at your left side after you pass Karanglo.
When you find the gate of Perumahan Graha Kencana Raya, that's the path to visit Malang Night Paradise (night. Noted) or Hawaii Waterpark (during the day. Noted).
We visit this place at Saturday, August 4th 2018. We pay 60K (IDR) for each person. Remember that we may not bring drink or food when we get in. There will be guard who'll check every bag. 
There's a wide open area after we pass the door. There's an outdoor cinema, photo spot with bridge and flowery garden, and the gate of Magic Journey Adventure. All of photo spot and games are free, axcept the Magic Journey. For that night, they offer 25K (IDR) to have fun with magic journey. But my kiddos seems unsure, so we pass and start the journey in lantern garden and dinosaurs park. 
There also some games that we can do, such as being inside a jeep that haunted by a T-Rex, like in the Jurrasic Park movie.

Over all, this is a nice place to bring kiddos and have fun. Try it.

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