"Taman Pintar", a Garden for Smart People

It's an obsession of my daughter to visit Taman Pintar, Yogyakarta. She was so curious. She wants to know what place is this.
I think for IDR 20K to get into aquarium, it's acceptable price. First, we can pass under an aquarium that design like a cave. It feels like we walk underwater. There are a lot of fishes above. They're alive, you know.
Then find information about dinosaurs and the life along the 'before century' periods.
There is a screen where you'll appear like walking with the dinosaurs.
When we arrived to the main room, we'll find a lot of science experiments to explore. Earthquace simulator, electricity, chemsistry, water, even milk and coal.
We also can find many games to play.
At the end of the journey, we can visit history area and art.
We really enjoy our trip in Taman Pintar. We'll come again someday, because my daughter haven't try the library and planetarium.
We love Yogyakarta.

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