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I'm a vocational senior high school teacher. I teach chemistry since 2009 until this day. Since this semester, I teach a new lesson. The name is Produk Kreatif dan Kewirausahaan a.k.a PKK (Creative Product and Entrepreneurship).
I love to write, so I write novels, short stories, and article. Sometimes I post 'em in my blog. But sometimes I send my articles to those who ask it. Pst, I can earn money from this one.
I active in facebook, instagram, twitter, google local guides, and of course WA.
I'm not a socialita. I use those social media to share about my teacher's life, my students, or anything that inspiring me.
But the main idea is, I'm active in socmed to give example to my children and my students. Every parents know that children learn better from action. So I do this. I use my socmed to share good things. I work online and get more income from online activities. And the last one, especially about this blog, I give example that chemistry teacher able to use English. I know my English haven't been perfect yet. But I'm learning. #Keepfight

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