All family has their own challenge. New couple, 5 years couple, or the older ones has their own challenge. New couple got challenge to make a harmony frequency. Older couple may got challenge to make their relationship ‘hot’ as a new ones.
Three years marriage (or more) couple, usually think that bed activity is a routine. The activity become no more interesting, and no more a ‘can’t wait moments'. There are a lot of reasons, from tired body after work, untill the older phisical conditions.
I’m a wife of fourteen years couple. We got two daugters. Each of us work in our own field. I’m a teacher that work six days a week. When I arrived at home, I do the housework without assistant. I’m a blogger, novelist, ghost writer, and sometimes I had to take home the school’s job. My husband so busy with his business. It’s tired, of course. He tired, too. So, lately I felt it affect to my relationship with husband.
When I got invitation to join HIJUP BLOGGERS MEET UP, I didn’t make a high expectation. When I arrived at Same Hotel, Klojen, Malang, I felt I’ve never find this hotel. I pass that road, sometimes. But I’ve never know that there’s a hotel there. The collonial style building is so interesting. When I got in, I found beautiful interior with so many flowers. I wait in the lobby, while ... yes, do the selfie session.
When I got my seat, I found the welcome gift that look so amazing. I also found strange fruits that placed in vase. 
Manjakani Fruit
When the session start, I got a new vission. I met Bebenadila, an influencer and TV Program’s Host. She explain about the way she build a nice relationship with her husband. It’s not only about us and the baby, but also you as my husband and I as your wife. Bebenadila explain that wifes should always take care of their shelf. It’s OK to buy lingerie and ask husby to pay. You can read it as invitation.
The second speaker is Dr. Lusiana Permata Sari, SpOG. She explain about how women should take care about their private organ. In a detail mode, she explain how to clean it, take care of it, and product that should be choose to use. Take care of the private organ will make it healthier. This will make the husband-wife relationship become more harmony.
The last speaker is Mrs Yuna. She’s from Arisan Resik. Arisan Resik has programs to educate women about their health. The program arrange especially about the private organs. Nowadays, there are a lot of desease that give troubles to women’s private organs. It’s wise to prevent than wait untill got that desease.

She introduce the RESIK-V Manjakani Whitening. It's a product that can help woman stay clean. It has 3,5 pH that similar with the pH of woman's private area. This product made from natural ingredient such as Bengkoang and Manjakani. Bengkoang can help brighter skin. Manjakani can help to tighten vagina. Every mother know that their vagina change after give birth. Manjakani can help to solve this.

After the explanation session, we do the Q-A session. There are a lot of questions from the audience, but not all it answered because the time is so limited. But, I got so many new informations. But the most important is I felt a new spirit to repair my relationship with my husband after I join this meet up.
The closing session is handycraft time. We make beautifull decopaint frame. He was so happy when I gave him my DIY frame. The message ‘Marriage is falling in love in many times’ that I placed on the frame will be reminder for us.
Thank’s HIJUP, Arisan Resik, and Resik-V that invited me to this meet up. Hope I’ll got a much better relationship after this meeting. Thank you very much.

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