An Oldmand and A Child (Sumber:

Being old is a must, being wise is a choice

I don't say that I am old or I'm wise. It's not my job to tell :))

Lately, I read a lot of online books about the relationship between man and woman, parents, even creatures in fairytales. I try to read many genres, with the hope that I'll find new ideas.

But, what I got is that I got bored to read so many mature contents, even in the teenlits. Oh my God. I know, what I read are books in the setting of other countries. But as it a free platform, I wonder that every child could be easily found this. 

So, I think it is wise to teach our children to be wise to choose what they read, what they watch, or what they do. 

Modern life gave us a very big chance to find sources of information we need. But it's our right and responsibility to choose. Children could be young, but they can learn to be wise. They can choose to be wise or not, but at least as their parents, we've taught them.

(English writing learning, checked with This writing scored 86, better than average writing I used to make :) )

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