Catching Moments, My Hobby, My Memory

I'm not a professional photographer, you can hold that words. I just love to see around, and catch the moment and place. I love to see the difference of a place year to year. Will it become better or get worse. Will the forest stay green, or there are only houses on it. 
The pictures that I use here are taken around Ngroto village, Pujon City, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. 
They are taken with VIVO Y12 that I already hold more than 2 years. But still, it serve me nice pictures, mostly. Depend to my health and condition. :D
To the Mountain

As long as I hold the cellular phone, it still have enough storage, and I go outside, I like to see around and take pictures. It feels good to have them. I don't have any special purpose on them. 
But then, I found that sometimes the pictures are really useful. Sometimes I use them for stories or feeds. When I can't go outside, I like to look at them and memorize my morning walk or trips. 
Sometimes, pictures that I post to social media really useful to remember dates of a moment. 

Football Field

Photo of a friend

My Students

The Mosque

Eggplant Flowers

This pic of eggplant give me memory about the flower. It reminds us that to get that vegie, there is a long period from seed into mature vegie that serve on our table. There are hard work to get them.
So never waste food. Take only as much as you need or the amount you can eat.

Beside the Road

When your work useful, you need to learn more and do more. We never know when the product could be use, but when we have them, we are ready anytime. Agree?

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