7 Easy Activity When You Bored in SunYay

Yes. It's Sunday. Just stay home, clean up, laundry, etc. It make me bored. Here's 7 things I usually do to make Borong Sunday become SunYay.
1. Wake up earlier and do nice morning walk
Holiday is not a reason to wake up late. Just try to wake up aerlier, then prepare and take a walk around the neighbourhood. It will give a different view. We may find something different. Maybe a neighbour who love to gardening in the morning, those who do sport. At least, if you meet someone in the morning, probability of get a smile from them is bigger then unsmiled face. So try it.
2. Rearrange the meubels
Holiday is a chance to make the rooms looks prettier. Rearrange the chairs, tables, bed, or everything else. Then add new look, such as add pictures, plants, or your DIY.
3. Cook
Cooking can be fun activity in bored times. Open the refrigerator and find anything there. Then open the internet and find recipe -better the un-ever try one- to cook the 'any' foods we find. You may use the usual recipe, but this time make it with different spices, add new spice, or cook it with different methods.
4. Music
Yes, music. This time, make sure to find music that different with the dailymusic we listen. For example, play instrumentalic yoga music, and do yoga. Or play the oldiest disco music, wear the 70's style and dance. Just like John Travolta.
5. Books
It will make us more bored if we read the same genre as usual. To fill the boring day, find something new. Such as if in usual day we read psichologic books, then read comic. Is usually we read novels, then read travel guidance. It will make us fresh.
6. Play
Play is not always mean online games. Althpugh online games are chalenging, but it will make us more bored. So, try traditional games. This will refresh our mind, remind us with our childhood, and as an older person, its time to find why parents teach us play this game.
7. DIY
This is the most exciting one. Check your paper, card, color pencils, paint, or any other stuff that can use as DIY properties.
If we have no idea, open youtube. There are a lot of idea to do while we need refreshment. Sometimes I like to make Mandala with pencil, then change it into ink, and coloring it. After that, I'd love to make DIY frame then hang it on my wall. It so fun.

So now, never let Sunday become a bored day. There are so many ways to make it SunYAY.

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