Batu City, East Java, Indonesia
I've never imagined in my childhood that life could be so colorful this time. I thank God for every good and bad in my days. I pray that God will give me a good problem that I can solve that it can enrich my knowledge.
For a positive way of life, it doesn't mean that I never got problems or a disappointing situation. Please, believe me. For example, in this work from period, I search for an extra job so that I got more activity and money. Last week I got an offering from a company to make articles. The problem is, they offer a very low budget for the articles. It does not matter if they give detailed keywords, so I only need to explain. They offer low payment for very high condition work. I complained because to finish the job I got to search on the internet to get resources. They also ask to edit the articles online, which means I will need more data spaces and time. I feel it won't be balanced with what I should do.
So, I think it is reasonable for me not to accept the job. I'm sure I will get other jobs that appreciate what I can do. I know my limit. So, My Self, leave the tissues behind. Let it go. You'll find others.
"Be in a place where people appreciate you, not where they need you"

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