Saved By The Small Balcony Corner Garden (English version)

I spent middle February 2022 isolating myself, as I got the positive result of the Covid test. It is not forced from the government or my friends, but I realize that if I keep going out, I might spread the virus in me to others. There will be more people infected and get these symptoms. 
The dizziness, the fever, the cough, runny nose, tired, got the unwell feeling all over the body, and sore throat. I felt them all along the two days. Thanks to God that the worst situation has gone. 


Self-isolation means staying at home for at least ten days. I still working online and got many kinds of creative jobs so that I don't feel so bored during the isolation period. The problem is about the food. 
In my daily life, I buy fresh food near my house in the morning. But I can't do this as I got the virus in me. I still have some vegetables, lemons, and eggs but they only stand for the first three days. 
I thank God that Allah guides me to love gardening. Firstly, it was a challenge for me to do something new. For your information, I was so bad in this field. I ever bought cactus and it died with me only in a few months. 

Then, I join the vegan community. Although I decided not to be a full vegan, I realize that I will need a lot of fresh vegetables to do it. I start with a pot full of compost mixture that I could easily get in my town as it is an agricultural city. I start with mustard, the easiest and fastest plant I know. 
This time, I have some pots, big and small, that I locate in the corner of the second-floor balcony. Second-floor balcony means a location where I used to dry the wet laundry. 
I plant some red spinach, green spinach, Japanese spinach, curly lettuce, spring onion, Pegagan, mustard, cucumber, and some succulents. 

My Best Project Since I Start City Gardening. We Call It Pegagan


My Small Balcony Corner Garden
I harvest them almost every day during the isolation. I put some mustard leaves to add to the fried rice. I eat lettuce as a salad. I   add chopped spring onion to the omelet. I make red soup using red spinach, and many other menus. Mostly I like to eat them in microgreen versions without cooking. 

Now I realize that this is a very useful hobby. Now I can suggest you have at least two or three pots near your window and grow some vegetables. We never know what will happen. Having this kind of plant is really helpful. I've proven that this small balcony corner garden has saved me.  
What about you?

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  1. Speedy recovery Bu Agustina.
    Such a nice and lovely little garden.
    I've checked mine,, and taraaaa there's "rimpangan" left in my yard 😂😂😂

    1. At least you don't need to start from zero wkwkwk. I have red spinach seed. Do you want some?